Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Cake

Right now you’re probably thinking, “Wow, this lady loves peanut butter and chocolate.” Well, it’s actually my husband. It’s his favorite food combination. His birthday was today and so I made him a peanut butter cup ice cream cake. It was the first time I made an ice cream cake and it started out poorly. I over heated the ice cream and so when I went to put it on the cake, it decided to melt all over! I made several layers, one layer of chocolate cake then peanut butter then chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, peanut butter and ice cream. I had to freeze them so the ice cream would stop melting all over but that only meant my freezer now has chocolate ice cream everywhere. Eventually it set up and then the realization that this cake was not going to work out set in.
I put the top layer on a plate to freeze thinking, it will just come right off. Wrong. I didn’t think that the ice cream would melt onto the plate and then freeze. Ensuring the cake would then freeze to the plate. I had to let it thaw a little and pry it off the plate.
I tried to put the two together but ended up with hug gaps. This cake was turning out to be my nemesis. My husband told me to throw it away but I had committed to this cake and I didn’t have any more ice cream.
The next morning I woke up and decided to tackle this cake. I grabbed the biggest knife I could find and then started shaving off ice cream. After getting a pretty straight surface I was feeling pretty good. The cake was actually looking like a cake! Then I took of the shaved pieces and shoved it into the gaps. Threw it back into the freezer and waited.
I made some chocolate buttercream icing and piped it on. Then took peanut butter cups cut in half put frosting on the cut end and dipped it in crushed Reese’s Pieces. Then I put on crushed peanut butter chips on the top.
In the end I’m happy I stuck with this cake. It turned out great and I proved to myself that I could fix a literal melt down. No need to panic in the kitchen, most things can be fixed and if not take my husbands advice, throw it away and start over.

1 box Devil’s food cake mix
Made to box specifications
Cut in half with top cut smooth. I use a cake leveler that helps me a lot.

Peanut Butter Filling:
1 cup peanut butter smooth or chunky
1 cup powdered sugar
5 Tablespoons milk
Mix together spread over chocolate cake layers.

1/2 gallon chocolate ice cream
Put half the ice cream on each layer of chocolate cake. Spread on the peanut butter filling and freeze.

Frost with any chocolate frosting and decorate any way you want.

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