Princess Party

My middle daughter who we’ll call Wonderful (because that’s her code word for when she wants to be naked) loves princesses. Loves them. So for Wonderful’s third birthday she wanted a princess party. We had a lot of fun with this theme.

My friend let me borrow her awesome princess cake kit the cake would never have turned out without it. I could have done a better job on this cake but I was super stressed and just kind of threw it together. The bottom is a styrofoam because I just didn’t need that much cake. I went to put the top on and guess what, I got it on not center. That threw off the door and the roof.  My oldest daughter kept asking why I put cracks on the towers. No matter how many times I told her it was vines she just wouldn’t believe me.

We made some fun princess food for the party. Like Cinderella’s royal carriage dip. Just a bread bowl hollowed out with ranch dip in it. I took two pieces of bread and cut out four circles for the wheels and attached them with a toothpick. Then took a horse from my girls lego’s.

We had Jasmines magic carpet vegetables for the dip.

The party wouldn’t be complete without Snow White’s (non poisonous) apples.

It’s kind of hard to see in the picture but this is wishing well water.

I took my apothecary jars and had some treats in them. I love my apothecary jars. I use them year round.

Some magic wands. Marshmallow sticks from the dollar store.

I had Ariel’s fish friends, gold fish.

And prince charming’s kisses.

For the main part of the meal we had Jus and Jaq’s cheese wheel. Jus and Jaq being the mice in Cinderella.

For a side dish we had Tiana’s frog kiss fluff. Pistachio pudding.

I originally bought the princess crown mold for my oldest’s Rapunzel birthday party but it worked great for the princess party too.

The party was a huge success. She had so much fun! It’s weird to think that three years ago I held that tiny baby in my arms and now I have a mini person running around the house, usually how she came into this world, naked.

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