Another Year, Another Birthday Cake

My husbands birthday was a few days ago and I’ve had a lot of people ask me what kind of cake I made him. Every year we make each others cakes and every year we tend to take them all out. We pull out all the stops and pile on the toppings. This year he wouldn’t tell me what kind of cake he wanted until a few days before so I quickly looked up some pretty pictures of people who’ve made the cake before, ran to the grocery store and picked up all the ingredients. Then I made the cake.

And it didn’t turn out to look like any of the pretty pinterest pictures I looked at.

Or the picture in my mind.

Instead it looked like a giant chocolate volcano had gone off on my cake pan. This is the snickers cake that went all wrong.

It really looked a lot better in my head.

I blame the frosting for being to thin.

I’m actually embarrassed to show this to you. After all the pretty food I painstakingly put on the blog.

This is not one of those pretty foods.

But it was delicious! Especially the day after when all the caramel and nougat filling soaked into the cake making it oh so delicious.

So, I shared with you my embarrassing food. What’s your embarrassing food moment? I’d love to hear them!

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