Safari Birthday

Recently it was my nephews second birthday! I was able to help my sister put together a super cute safari birthday party for him. She lucked out since it was also her new born sons baby blessing as well. Two birds with one party. That’s good planning. (Pardon the pictures I forgot my camera and was left using my cell phone. I blame the mommy brain!)

The cake really was the center of attention. I think it turned out really well, of course I helped make it so I am probably a little biased. She found a cute elephant mold and made the elephant out of gray chocolate. There are two palm trees peeking out from behind the elephant.

The cool thing about this cake? The theme wasn’t just on the outside, it was on the inside as well!

The zebra cake was zebra on the inside! The giraffe part was giraffe too but I forgot to take pictures.

Here was my piece of the zebra cake. There was ganache for the filling with almond buttercream. I could eat almond buttercream with a spoon. Did I say could? I meant do.

There were cute little monkey cupcakes to accompany the cake. These were pina colada cupcakes, yum. She did not make these adorable monkeys but bought them at Michaels.

A look at the dessert bar.

I love these cute chocolate pretzels. She bought molds for them and they were a lot of fun, plus easy to make. there were giraffes and the other design was a lion on top of a zebra.

Banana chips for those who like bananas. That group did not include me.

These bananas, yeah I ate a few. Sugar cookies fruit frosted with royal icing.

There were even snakes at this party, the kind everyone likes though.

It was a great party with good food and wonderful people. I was there so there must have been wonderful people. 😉

Afterwards we helped the new (overwhelmed?) mom clean. Then we loaded up the cars and drove two hours for a first ever week long family reunion with my brothers and sister (and parents).

We went to a small valley in Eden, Utah that was amazing. I think it’s safe to say we all fell in love with the place. There was camping, hiking, and swimming. In the winter there are three ski resorts! Not that I ski or snow board. We rented a house and hung out all week. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and wished I could have stayed a week longer (without my kids). I love my kids, a lot. My three year old is however in a very trying time of her life. Or is it a trying time in my life?

The lake we spent several days at. Now if only we had a boat and no nap times.

Funny story about our family reunion. My mom has the worst luck with her feet. She had a safe dropped on a foot about 12 years ago from which she still has some pain from. Yes, it was a safe. Like lock your money in kind. I realize that sounds a little cartoony but it’s true. Then right before we are leaving for our vacation (she must have the worst luck) she trips on some pavers by her door spraining her ankle. She spent most of the week with her foot elevated and trying to keep the grandkids from bumping it. The day after we get home my dad insists she go to the doctor to have it looked at. The ex-rays show she broke her foot. She walked around on a broken foot for a week, taking very little pain medication. Now she is in a boot and has to wear it for six weeks.

She’s been through a lot, I could go on and on about the things that have happened to her. Let’s just leave it at accident prone.

If you ever have a chance to visit Eden, do it, and please invite me!

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