Flag Day

I wanted to make a cupcake for America’s Flag Day. I wanted something light and a little different from the regular cupcake. I turned to one of my favorite cakes, Waky cake. I’m not sure where my mom came up with this cake, probably a church function, but I have always enjoyed it. I can remember it from my childhood and the only thing I really changed was that I used a box cake mix instead of making the cake from scratch. So let’s get into how this patriotic cupcake came to be.

I started with a basic yellow cake mix and followed the directions on the box.
After the cupcakes cooled I took a tooth pick and picked holes in the cupcake for the jello. My daughter loved this part and it was fun to have her work with me.

I took a small package strawberry jello, sugar free (.44oz). I wanted to use sugar free because I cut the water in half and was a little worried it wouldn’t dissolve completely with the regular sugar kind. Plus who needs more sugar? (I say this as I make cupcakes, a little hypocritical, I realize this.) I put one cup of water in the jello, made sure it dissolved completely then spooned the jello on the cupcakes. Here’s where you’ll appreciate the work you put into those holes. I missed a couple of the cupcakes and had to go back poke them. The jello has a hard time soaking into the cupcakes without the holes.

After the jello was soaked in I put them in the refrigerator so they could firm up a little. Another reason I put them in the refrigerator, I was out of milk so I couldn’t make the frosting. When I finally borrowed some milk I was ready for the frosting. I wanted the frosting to be light so I took a small box of vanilla pudding, also sugar free, made it according to the directions on the box. When the pudding was solid I mixed in an 8 oz. tub of cool whip, lite.

I pulled the cupcakes out of the refrigerator took out a steak knife and cut the tops of the cupcakes off. This part was fun because I was able to see how the jello soaked in.

After the cupcakes were stripped of their tops I put my frosting in a bag and piped some of it on top of the bottom piece. I put the tops back on and piped another layer of frosting on the top of the cupcake.

Warning: these cupcakes are fragile. I did achieve my goal of being light. They were light, fluffy and wonderful. You might need a fork for this one.

1 yellow cake mix
3 eggs
1/3 cup oil
1 cup water

1 small pkg. strawberry jello (cherry could work as well)
1 cup boiling water

1 small pkg. vanilla pudding
2 cups milk
1 cool whip 8 oz.

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