Calorie Killer

My birthday was this week and this is the cake my husband came up with. I love mint and chocolate together and making it an ice cream cake is all my favorites in one spot. This year he stepped up his game and cake up with a mint chocolate ice cream brownie cake. Here’s the break down.

I have a huge sweet tooth and I hardly ever say something is too sweet. When others are done eating those highly sugary treats and complaining about how ‘rich’ they are, I’m still eating. I have to say this cake was very sweet and a small piece will satisfy even the most unsatisfiable sweet tooth.

Here’s a look at the top. Andes mints and Andes mint chips. Yum. They are also in between the layers and in the cake. Also in the cake, those mint fudge covered Oreo’s.

If this isn’t a calorie killer I’m not sure what is.

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