Butter Pecan Ice Cream Cake

It was my mom’s birthday and she requested a butter pecan ice cream cake. She loves butter pecan ice cream. Loves it! She requests it every year when we go to the local fair but they always run out of it first. She’s always disappointed. Let’s just say her day was made with this cake. Now I know what you’re thinking.

What’s up with the snow flakes?

My five year old decided she was going to make Grandma a present and she decided it was going to be snow flakes. Snow flakes in August, why not. I brought the theme over to the cake.

Have I mentioned how ice cream cakes are not easy?

They’re not. They’re kind of a pain. You have to work quickly and it takes extra time because in between each step you have to freeze it!

First I started out with a butter pecan cake mix, doctored up of course. Then cut it in half, once it is cooled, of course. I used a spring form pan for this one.  It really helped. I put the bottom layer of the cake on the bottom then took my ice cream out and spread it out on top of the bottom layer. Should have taken pictures of this. Way easier to show you. Then I put the top layer of cake on. Now freeze it.

Once it’s frozen take it out and frost it. Fast. Then freeze it again. Lots of freezing and working fast. That’s the key to making your own ice cream cake. Also a spring form pan helps.

I made the snow flakes with white chocolate melted and then piped onto a wax paper. Once the white chocolate is cooled, just pulled it off and glue it on with some white frosting.

I added some white roses to the top.

Butter Pecan Ice Cream Cake


1 butter pecan cake mix

3 eggs

1/2 cup plain yogurt

1/3 cup vegetable oil

3/4 cup milk

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Mix every together pour into a greased 8 or 9 inch spring form pan. Bake until golden brown or until a knife comes out clean.

Cut cake in half. Put bottom layer of cake back into the spring form pan. Take butter pecan ice cream and layer it on top, trying to make it smooth. Place the top layer on the ice cream and freeze.


1/2 cup shortening

5-6 cups powder sugar

1 teaspoon clear butter flavoring

4-6 tablespoons milk

Combine all ingredients until frosting reaches the right consistency. To frost the cake you will want a thinner frosting to stick to the cake.

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