Nacho’s are American?

They are when you make them with blue chips and add a festive American flag on top. For flag day I decided to have red, white and blue nacho’s. Who knew nacho’s could be patriotic? I found some blue tortilla chips at Fred Meyer in there organic section, the brand is Naturally Preferred. I saw that tortilla chips come in blue on a website but I’m not sure where they sell them. I did see on the internet that Tostito’s makes them as well. Not sure where to get them though. I have to say these Naturally Preferred chips were the first organic chips I’ve had. I had my reservations about them but after trying one, my reservations went away. These chips were actually good! They’re more of a purple than a blue but what can you do? On the back of the package it says that they get they’re color from the blue corn. Wait, what? Blue corn? I’ve never heard of blue corn before but it exists and I must say it makes some great chips. They weren’t too expensive either, only $1.99 for a 9 oz. bag.

I grated two types of cheese, Cheddar and Monterey Jack, you can use whatever kind you want. I had some taco meat left over from taco’s so I threw that on top. Then I put the dish in the oven and turned on the broiler let it heat in there until the cheese was nice and melted. I added guacamole, sour cream and tomatoes for the top. I also used some avocado’s. This was a fun way to celebrate Flag Day. Also, I did like to pretend that these were healthy, it hit all the main food groups, dairy, grain, vegetable, fruit, and meats. Like chocolate cake for breakfast, healthy right?

1 bag blue tortilla chips
2 cups shredded cheese
1 cup taco meat
1 pkg. guacamole
1 tomato
sour cream
chopped onions (optional)
avocado (optional)

I would like to say that I appreciate the sacrifices those in the military make for our country. Not only those in the military but also their families and the sacrifices they make.

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