Folding Chair Redo

I bought these folding chairs at an estate sale. It was one of those estate sales where nothing was priced, rock hard bread was still in the bread box, and you could tell these people just put an add in the newspaper and showed up. Really it was thrown together. The mother could have died a week ago for all I know, except that bread we had to take out of the bread box we bought was really stale. I like estate sales. It’s weird, going through a dead persons stuff but fun. In a morbid way.

If you haven’t gone to an estate sale I highly recommend them. I always find something I love! This day I found these folding chairs. They were stacked against a wall looking very inconspicuous like they wanted to be overlooked and stay in their home for another 30 years. I promptly told them that was off the table as soon as I spied them. They were coming home with me. There were originally 4 chairs but one was broke and so I passed on him.

Then I had to carry the chairs out to their awaiting carriage to their new home. I grabbed two and cringed. Under the backs of the seat was what I tried not to think of as 30 years worth of pot luck dinners. Greasy, dirty hands had been there and it didn’t help that there was green on the chairs when I didn’t think the chairs had ever been green.

I’ll let you think what you want to think on that one. Let’s all have one internal cringe together!

That picture does them no justice to the beauty of 30 years of grim.

I decided on three different colors. Red, yellow, and orange. After I cleaned them of course and sanded off the years of grim.

I even did the back of the chairs. They really did need some help.

After using most of the spray paint bottle they were finally all covered. They look like skittles all lined up.

But I didn’t want to stop there, although people tried to convince me I should. No I needed to go the extra mile. It pays to have a neighbor with every crafty thing you need. That day I needed stencils. My mom had just what I needed! I tried to spray paint the stencils first but it ended up in a mess. Bled all through the stencil. Smudged the lines, no good. I thought I would have to give up on the whole stencil idea but then I had it, sharpie! It took me a while but I sharpied the stencil on. I love the way they turned out. Might need to throw a party just to use them.

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