Idaho State Pride

I was trolling the internet one night when I came across this fun linky party. Unfortunately I didn’t link up with them. I blame procrastination. I’m notorious for it. It looked like so much fun! I needed to make something from my home state of Idaho and I needed to do it right at that moment. Only problem was, it was like 11 o’clock at night. Not exactly the best time to start a project. Especially with three little girls who were going to wake up at 6:30 and therefore wake me up at 6:30. What was I doing up at 11 at night? Procrastinating sleeping.

The best part of reading that blog was that I knew exactly what I was going to do! I am a garage sale addict. I usually go once a week. I bought this picture at a garage sale not for the picture but for the frame. I paid maybe $2 for it. I liked the original oil painting, it was well done and I wanted to keep it but one thing I noticed drove me crazy. The mountains although fantastically done, didn’t reflect in the water. I couldn’t get over it. There was no way I could hang it because that would be all I saw. The blog gave me permission to cover the nonreflective lake with some words. Then I wouldn’t be concentrating on what wasn’t there but the words. Land I Love.

Because Idaho really is gorgeous! We have beautiful mountains. This looked like it could be a mountain in Idaho. I love the woods and mountains. So much that my husband and I have decided when we retire we’re going to buy a cabin in the woods and live there. I can’t wait!

I made it for my husband to take to work but then I put it in my room and liked what it looked like. I think it will stay in my room. What makes you proud of your state?

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