Rocking Chair Fix

I am writing this post while my daughter now sits in the chair I ruined 20 plus years ago. She is complaining that I am taking too long. Kids.

I completely ruined this chair when I was about her age. I remember doing it, for some reason my best friend and I decided it would be stellar to jump on the seat and break it. It was a blast, it really was. We laughed and jumped and laughed and jumped. I remember the complete joy of trying to break it and the sadness that came from breaking it. I felt remorse over breaking the rocking chair every time I thought/looked at it for over 20 years. I’m not sure why my mom never fixed it, maybe she was teaching me a lesson that I try to teach my kids.

If you break it I will not buy you a new one. But I will try to fix it when I get a chance.

Maybe my mom was really just trying to teach me a lesson that she’s super busy and if I want something fixed I should do it myself.

Only problem, I was like 4 or 5 when I broke it. I had no chance of fixing it. I had planned on fixing it 5 years ago when I had my oldest so she could enjoy it like I never had a chance to do. Yet procrastination is my friend and we hung out together for 5 years.


It really just needed the seat to be fixed and a little tune up. I decided I didn’t want to do wicker again. Look where the wicker got us the first time. Broken and not fixed for over two decades. I ended up taking out the wicker and just cutting a board out and then putting fabric over the board. The fabric is a light pink with a dark brown, matches the girls room. I wrapped the fabric around and then screwed it back on. I sanded and stained the wood just to give it a fresh shiny look. Everyone needs a spruce up from time to time. I like how it turned out and really all that matters is that my kids can now use it!

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