Ghost Night

We had our first annual ghost night! It was a lot of fun! The best part, it was easy. Just what I needed, something to get the kids excited about Halloween but something where I didn’t have to spend hours in the kitchen. Because who has hours to spend cooking? Especially when it’s a nice Fall day outside.

We had ghost pizza. He had tomato eyes and a peperoni mouth. We had ghost blood to drink, water. I put on my Halloween radio station on Pandora while making dinner, the girls put on their costumes and we rocked out. I let me girls where their costumes all month. They have a few to choose from so it’s not a big deal. I pick them up after Halloween when they’re on sale and when I find them at garage sales, then I can afford to indulge them.

For our dessert I made ghosts, of course. I took bananas, split them in half then covered them with white chocolate and chocolate chips for their eyes. I froze them which I don’t think I’ll do again. My husband said they went soggy really fast so you had to eat them quickly. I didn’t have any since bananas are a no go here. I did have the white chocolate ghosts I made out of my candy molds. Once again I bought these after Halloween for maximum clearance! I also buy the Halloween ginger bread houses after Halloween and we decorate those for Christmas. Make a few adjustments and it works out great!

Then we went bowling for ghosts! The girls loved this part. Even the 17 month old. I bought a pumpkin at a garage sale, painted it white because it was hideous. Then I cut out black eyes and mouths, taped them on toilet paper, and stacked them. Then we each took turns knocking down the ghosts.

After that we turned on some Casper the friendly ghost and enjoyed a few short shows together.

It was a fun night! Something I think we’ll do again next year.

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