My new novel experience

I’ve done Nanowrimo for a few years now but never finished a book. I actually started this blog to improve my writing and force myself to write on a more frequent basis. I’ve seen huge improvements in my writing through the blog and through Nanowrimo. It’s been a fun new hobby. I’ve self published my book through Amazon’s createspace. I never thought I’d be an author and I have to say it’s really cool to say. Even if no one reads it, I’ve completed a huge project.

I’ve entered my book in a contest through Jukepop serials. It’s been addictive to put my novel on there and watch it climb the ranks. Jukepop is a free website where authors publish their work a chapter at a time. You vote to keep your favorite books going. It’s fun! Please check my book out and vote, even if you don’t read it!

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