Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year. It crept up on me this year and I wasn’t prepared as I normally am. The past few months have thrown me off of most things I do every year. I’m sure I’ll get back into the swing of things soon. So, I thought I’d share what I do on Chinese New Year to help my kids understand other cultures.

Normally we read a great book I have about celebrating Chinese New Year. Unfortunately I can’t find it but don’t worry, I’ll find it next week. When I no longer need it. Somehow it always works that way. I’m sure any book will work though.

We have Chinese food for dinner and follow up the meal with an orange. Last year I made fried rice and sweet and sour chicken. This year I’m thinking fried rice and my favorite Asian glazed chicken.

We all wear red for good luck. Usually I clean the whole house. This is when I do my Spring cleaning. It’s a great time of year, not much to do and you’ve been inside so much the house just needs a new feel. You clean your house to get rid of the bad spirits. The dragon also scares away bad spirits. I’m trying to convince myself to clean this year.

It’s the year of the horse so I printed out some coloring pages for the girls. Here’s a pack for little ones. We’ll also make some red lanterns. I’m thinking we’ll make some red envelopes and give the girls a dollar. This is a tradition in China but you don’t open the envelope until the person who gave it to you is gone.

I hope this helps you plan your Chinese New Year celebration!

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