Garage Sale Lamps

My mom found these lamps at a garage sale and brought them home for me. I needed some lamps for the girls room and these looked like they had so much potential. Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of them before I did them up. I was a little too excited to get them done.

Just imagine in your mind a silver base that didn’t look spectacular.

Here’s what the lamp looked like before I did anything to it. The base was pretty much this same color.

So I bought some green fabric that will also be the bed skirts once I sew them together and buy some Velcro. This shade would have been a lot easier to do if it had been a circle but it had to be this odd shape which is fine because I like the odd shape but it just made my life a little more difficult that it should be.

Here’s how I got the shape. I measured the top and the bottom of the shade from one corner to the next for each panel. Then I went to my fabric and measured out the bottom first. The top has to be centered to the bottom so I had to figure out what the middle of the bottom was measure over then figure out what the middle of the top was and that’s how I got it to be centered. Hopefully that makes sense. I’m sure if I would have taken pictures of me trying to do this is still wouldn’t have made sense.

Once you figure out what I just tried to explain then you’re ready to move on to the next part. Once you have your marks down you draw a line from the top ends to the bottom ends making your panel. Cut out four of them. Take some fabric glue and spray the shade and the panel of fabric.

Tip, see my dark spots? I got too close to the fabric with my fabric glue. You don’t want those. They don’t come out. See, I saved you some heart ache. Spray from far away.

Once you have the panel on cut it to match the lines on the shade. I tried to do something else at first but it didn’t work out and I had to redo it. Once again learn from my mistakes. I bought cording that matched the brown in the room and put that over where the two panels met on the shade. This was so much easier and I like how it turned out.

This is where I splurged on the lamp. I bought those pretty dangly pink garland stuff for around $7 a yard and I needed two yards. But, I saw this at the fabric store and knew I had to get it. I hot glued it on underneath the shade.

Here it is in all it’s glory. I love my “new” lamps.

I’d give you a break down of cost but I’m not that great at keeping records and if I ended up spending a lot on them I didn’t really want to know. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

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