Sandcastle Cake

We just got done doing our new beginnings for the girls in my church. It’s a special night for the girls who are coming into the young woman program this year. We decided we’d take them on a cruise to help introduce them to what we do and what we stand for. It was a great night where the current girls who are in the program were able to display what they’ve done in our program. I decided for the night I’d make a sandcastle cake. It seemed very intimidating at first. I made sure I knew what I was doing by looking at a lot of cakes on pinterest. I ended up buying the Wilton castle cake decorating kit at Micheal’s. I could have used ice cream cones but I like the look of these better.  I followed Ruth’s tutorial on how to make the cake, it was very helpful. I wish I could have done a step by step for everyone but I was in a time crunch. I couldn’t assemble the cake at my house and take it to the church wasn’t sure how that was going to happen without getting “sand” all over. Instead I assembled it at the church while my girls were napping at home (my parents were there) so I needed to get it put together in about an hour. I was a mad woman rushing around.

I used a graham cracker brown sugar mixture for the “sand” and a regular yellow cake for the other three layers. The pan sizes I used were:

1 10″ square pan

1 9″ circle pan

1 6″ circle pan

It took two cake mixes for the three layers and I did not level any of the layers. I used an almond buttercream for the frosting, which was fantastic. It’s my favorite flavor. I used a whole box of graham crackers and half a bag of brown sugar but I could have used half a box of graham crackers and 1/4 a bag of brown sugar. I still have a lot of “sand” leftover. The brown sugar was a little hard to work with. Mine kept lumping up on me and I would have to break it down while rolling. I think if I did it again I’d use plain white sugar.

I made those adorable little crabs! They were a huge hit and actually pretty easy to make. A little time and they were done. I bought the eyes at Jo-ann’s and glued them on with some left over frosting.

An orange slice on the bottom, a peach ring cut in half for the claws, two orange spice drops for the eyes. Cut 1/4 of your toothpick off for the claws and cut the toothpick in half for the eyes. Stick them all together and these cute little fellows magically appear.

I found a shell chocolate mold at Jo-ann’s too! Everyone thought it was really cool to have edible shells. They are really easy too. Getting two colors though, not so easy. Melt some melty chocolate pour it in the mold. To get the yellow ones I put one bead of food coloring in then took a toothpick and swirled it around. The blue ones I just died the white chocolate blue then spooned it in the molds. I freeze my molds to get the chocolate to set up. 2-3 minutes and they’re done. I also did some milk chocolate ones.

I also made some pink ones too. The octopi I found at Winco in the candy section, ran across them really and I snatched a bag.

It was a hit at the party and it was an easy cake to make. I just kept reminding myself when I went on perfectionist on it that sandcastles are not perfect. Made the process a lot easier when I allowed myself to not be perfect.

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