Young Women New Beginnings

Our new theme for this year in the Young Women program is “Come unto Christ and be perfected in Him.” Such a great theme that I’m excited to embrace. For our new beginning program we did to introduce the new girls coming into the program we did a cruise theme. We tied this into Coming unto Christ by telling the girls our lives are like a cruise. Navigation is important in a cruise, knowing where you will be going and where you will be ending is vital. Navigation is just as important in our lives. Personal progress is one of the tools that help us navigate our lives.

We start our lives out like the beginning of a cruise, we’re excited and thrilled to be here. We want to know what we will do and where we will go. Satan tries to tempt us and lead us away from the ports or covenants in our lives that we need to go to and make. Our loving Heavenly Father has given us values to lead us back to Him and Christ. Personal Progress helps us live those values so we can “Come Unto Christ.” The whole night was an introduction to the values we concentrate on in young women’s.

The girls who are currently in the program chose which value they wanted to present. We gave them guidelines on what we wanted them to say but left the rest up to them. The guidelines we gave were to have them talk about what the value is, a scripture to go along with it (all found at the first page of the personal progress manual) and an experience they completed in that value. Then we had a souvenir to go along with each value that the new girls received to take home. Along with a quote that incorporated that souvenir with the value. All the new girls went to each of the eight ports.

We had members of the advisers make signs for the doors. Turned out cute.

Each girl brought items to decorate their tables and rooms. They did an amazing job.


The girls brought their own decorations for their rooms. They went all out. We provided the table clothes and some streamers for them to use and they brought the rest. They did amazing!

For refreshments we had a sandcastle cake with crabs and shells. It was a huge hit, everyone loved how fun it was. I bought the wheel at zurchers party supply store.

For the drinks we had water with lemons and limes. I bought some fun cups and umbrella’s from zurchers as well.

Here’s what the whole room looked like. We also had name tags for the girls to wear that I made to look like these ones. We also had leis and flowers for everyone to wear. We dressed in beach clothes which added to the fun atmosphere.

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