How to Make Fans

I’ve been asked how I made the cool fans from our cruise themed new beginnings night. They looked really awesome all put up and in the middle of each one (can’t really see it in the picture) it has all of the values and a few of them have the girl on the torch. This was also our backdrop for the pictures we took of all the new beehives as they went to their ports. Because every time you leave a cruise ship you must have your picture taken. Then they sale the pictures to you. We took pictures and printed them off as another souvenir for our new girls. I wanted to do this because I can’t remember what my new beginnings was like and I would kind of like to have something to remember it.

Here is what your finished fan should look like. This one used two 12×12 scrapbook papers. For this tutorial I made a smaller one using just one 12×12 cut in half.

Here is the circle cutter I used for the middle dots. You don’t have to use a dot for the middle. If you like the looks of them without it that’s fine. Personally I feel like it cleans it up a little bit.

Here’s what the same fan looks like with the dot in the middle. Use your discretion.

First take your paper and fold it. Accordion style. Making sure to keep the folds close to the same size. If you’re making a smaller one I would cut it first and then fold but for this tutorial I folded and then cut.

Once it’s folded accordion style fold the paper in half, as shown.

Here is my paper cut in half.

Once it’s folded in half just connect one end as shown. I used tape for the tutorial but I really prefer hot glue. Just holds it better and I feel like you end up with a neater look.

Take your second accordion and tape it as well on one side. Then connect the two together.

Should look something like that when you’re done. I like to add glue to the folds to keep the whole thing together. You can go without it but just be prepared for it to be a little wobbly.

Turn it around and if there are gaps on the front glue those as well.

Glue the circle on top. Once you’ve done that, you’re finished! Easy right?

To hang them you can put tape on the back and stick it to a wall or poke a hole on the top use some fishing line and hang it from the ceiling. Here are some I did for my daughters first birthday where I put a monkey in the middle.

I hope this helps make your party awesome.

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