Monster High Baptism

We recently went to a good friends daughter’s baptism. It had been a really long time since we had been to one so I was excited to have my girls be able to watch a baptism and know more of what was going on. It was a good experience for them to watch a one of their good friends make that huge decision in her life.

After the baptism we went to her party! My friend went way out for her and everything turned out amazing! I have to get the recipe for a salad she made. She made this monster high cake for her out of fondant. Impressive right?

She also made an amazing amount of cupcakes! With special cupcake toppers. I need to pick her brains about this party.

These were all taken with my phone so I apologize for the not so awesome pictures. She made white chocolate dipped marshmallows which my kids loved, we’re a marshmallow family. I blame myself. It’s my go to sugar. She also made cute sugar cookies with white chocolate letters. I thought they were fondant letters so I didn’t eat mine and then I realized no, they were white chocolate!

It was an amazing party!

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