Jasmine Birthday


IMG_2242-copyAll my daughter wanted for her fourth birthday was Jasmine. I tried with all my being to convince her to go with Frozen but she loves Jasmine and that’s what she wanted. I have to hand it to her she was persistent and stuck with what she wanted. So I grudgingly obliged. I mean Aladdin is so old I didn’t think I’d be able to find anything to go along with it. I pinterested the crap out of Aladdin cakes. Then I came up with this cake. I ordered the figures off of Amazon. I was just happy they had something that was a decent price. I was just going to do Jasmine because that’s all she originally wanted but then. . .

then. . .

my husband decided to tease me.

One night at dinner we were talking about the cake. She said she just wanted Jasmine. Then my husband decided he wanted to add all the characters to the cake. He listed each character off and my daughter decided yeah, I want that one on the cake too. Oh, and that one. By the time he was done she was requesting each character when ever her birthday came up.

Thanks honey.

IMG_2245-copyI went with Jasmine and Aladdin flying on the carpet in the night sky. I loved the way the clouds turned out. I put a little blue frosting on the side of the decorating bag then put the white frosting in. Piped it on with the round tip #12. IMG_2244-copyThe bottom I decided to put Jasmin’s dad and the Genie on the bottom. I ended up doing some scroll work on the bottom layer. For some reason Genie only came as an upper body. No legs just body. Odd. On the sides I put Raja and Jafar. Abu didn’t come in the pack for some reason. Pretty much the biggest character and yet he was left out.

IMG_2250-copyThe whole cake. I liked how it turned out. And she loved it! Although all she wanted was to take Jasmine off and play with her.

IMG_2238-copyHere’s what we had for dinner. Genie juice, blue kool aid.

IMG_2248-copyWe had “stolen” bread and butter, Jafar’s so twisted fries, and Ali Ababwa’s kabobs. Plus some fry sauce.

IMG_2241-copyWe had Abu’s mini monkey brain bread.

IMG_2240-copyCave of wonder delights.

IMG_2239-copyAnd Jasmin’s gems.

It was a great party with family and cousins.


2 cans biscuits

1/2 cube melted butter

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup white sugar

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Combine brown and white sugar. Cut biscuits in four pieces. Put in butter and then coat with sugar. Place in muffin tin (lined or not). Bake for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown.


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