Dog Birthday Cake

IMG_2344It’s the second birthday cake in two weeks. It’s birthday season at our house. We have a birthday every two weeks for two months. That means a lot of cake for us. I’m trying to decide what my husband should make for my birthday cake, I think I’m going for a peanut butter cheesecake. Looked fantastic.

My youngest loves dogs. We once saw a dog in a truck, the owner an old man, introduced us to the dog let her pet the dog. She was in puppy heaven! So much so she promptly said “mine!” The old man was very defensive about that. Set her right about who was the dog’s owner. Like we were going to take his dog from him. We really thought about getting her a puppy for her birthday. We had even visited the pound a couple times looking for a small almost dead dog. With three kids I don’t think I’m up for another ‘kid’ to take care of.

With a full time job these past few weeks I didn’t have the time to do the huge dog cake I wanted. Plus I didn’t want that much cake sitting around, asking for me to shove it down my throat.

IMG_2343I bought a heart cake pan a few months ago. It was on sale and I couldn’t help but buy it. I made a cute Frozen heart cake with it. We watched the movie afterwards and the girls loved it. I made a marble cake and used two hearts. One for the head and the other for the ears. Cutting them at a curve to fit into the head. Then I simply decorated it. I used the grass tip for the ears to give them a texture. Just didn’t make the grass very long.

My daughter loved her cake. She loved the dogs nose. Kept talking about it. She blew the candles out before we could sing to her. We had to relight the candles for her. I love my girls.

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