It’s Birthday Season

It’s birthday season at our house. We have a birthday about every two weeks (or less) for two months. It’s a little overwhelming and by the end I’m done with birthday cake. It’s a shock that I would say that because I love cake, especially birthday cake. Every year my husband goes all out making me a fantastic birthday cake. I mean this guy is awesome. He is my hero in the kitchen every year.

Now I have to choose what to have for my birthday cake this year. This is where Pinterest comes in handy. I go to my birthday cake board and this year my cheesecake blog and see what looks the best! Here’s my list for this year:

First off let’s look at some cheesecake.

_DSC0526 edit 2 600   Like this fantastic orange chocolate cheesecake at

5123854090_779d582aceBut then there is this carrot cake cheesecake. I love carrot cake and cheesecake, what isn’t to love about both in one place? Not Seeded at the Table.

IMG_1352Then coconut calls my name and then caramel? I love caramel. It’s one of my favorites. Peabody definitely makes choosing harder!

peanut-butter-cheesecake-closeAnd here’s the one that started my whole, maybe cheesecake for my birthday would be the best. Chocolate peanut butter cheesecake. It sounds divine. The Girl Who Ate Everything definitely went all out for this one!

But what if I want cake? What kind of cake would I want?

Oreo_Cookies_and_Cream_Ice_Cream_Cake2But then I saw this Oreo cookies and cream ice cream cake. I mean that just sounds amazing. Life, Love, and Sugar made this one. I think she speaks my language!

3But cookie dough sounds really good. Like amazingly good. I had some cookie dough truffles at a baby shower they still haunt me to this day. Teasing me with how wonderful they were. So maybe Tastes of Lizzy T has the right idea.

IMG_8002Or maybe I should just go with a tried and true cake, cherry almond. It was an amazing cake. I could eat it again. IMG_8736-732x1024But then I came across midnight binge cake, umm yes please! Bakerita out did herself! Maybe I should have my husband out do himself.

Which one would you choose?

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