Root Beer BBQ Chicken

So, the first time I made this I used pork but this time I wanted to mix it up a little and try it with chicken. When it’s all done the root beer flavor is a subtle flavor. Nothing overwhelming.

I put the chicken (frozen, I can never seem to be able to remember to pull the chicken out in enough time to have it defrost) in the crock pot. This little crock pot that I used doesn’t have a temperature control there is only high. I poured a whole can of root beer over the chicken and let it cook for six hours. You can salt and pepper the chicken before putting it in. Add other spices.

Once the meat is done, I shredded it.

Once shredded I added some BBQ sauce, your favorite kind will work. I like Kraft’s Honey BBQ. I add about half a bottle, enough to cover everything. Then I add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of root beer.

After it’s all done I put it on buns and eat it that way or just plain. The chicken was good but I think we all decided we liked the pork better. This recipe was made for two adults and 2 kids. Since my kids don’t eat meat they really don’t count and my husband and I usually share a breast just fine but you can add more meat depending on how big your family is.

1 chicken breast
1 can root beer
1/2 bottle of BBQ sauce

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