Hoeing it in the garden

My mint is starting to fill out and look fantastic. I used some of it in my mint cupcakes as a garnish. Now I have some other recipes that uses fresh mint that I need to try out. Anyone have tips for using fresh mint? This is the first year I’ve grown it.

I finally took off my wall of water’s. (walls of water or wall of water’s?) It starting to get too hot for them. I tried to keep them on as long as possible mainly for a wind block. Poor plants don’t have a chance. I knew one of them had a pepper on but didn’t realize how big it was until I took off the wall of water and got a better look at it.

My spinach is up and ready to be eaten! I’m excited for some fresh spinach.

The lettuce is looking great, I have to wait to eat this type. It takes longer but is really great when it’s ready. I forgot the name of it.

Radish’s are up but they are looking a little picked on. Bugs are getting to them.

The garden is looking great, the tomatoes need the walls of water off as well, the peas are growing and have potatoes all through them. The potatoes from last year have come up without any help. Our corn didn’t come up this year. I think the seeds were too old. We replanted and I’m hoping this new batch will do better.

I’m combating the weeds. They seem to be flourishing. I’ve been trying to hoe everyday but the wind or kids seem to get me off track. I find the first time through is the hardest and once I’m done with the initial one the rest are easier. The girls love helping me and we’ve been having plenty of baths lately.

Growing a garden? How’s it coming? I can’t wait for the new peas and potatoes! My mouth is watering just thinking about it and the fresh BLT’s. I had one a day for a month last year.

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