Applebee’s Blondies with Maple Butter Sauce

Last weekend I was in Utah visiting my sister after she had her first baby. She was coming home in the afternoon and my mom and I were talking about what we should make her. She loves brownies and I was perusing bakerella’s website to see if she had anything when I came across these and had to make them. Plus my sister has a dishwasher and my mom was there to do the dishes. I could bake and make a mess but avoid the consequence of dishes. Bakerella found this recipe from the Secret Recipe Blog, here’s the recipe. These are supposed to have walnuts in them but unfortunately some people aren’t fans of walnuts so I had to leave them out, plus I’m not sure my sister had any. So if you’re a fan of walnuts you should definitely add them!

First I gathered all the ingredients to make sure I had everything. You never know when baking at a different house. Now the original recipe calls for white chocolate chips but all I could find were milk chocolate until my sister came home and told me she had them. Of course they were sitting right where I could see them, Murphy’s law I guess.

First I mixed all the dry ingredients. Normally I just throw everything in together but hey, I wasn’t doing dishes.

I took another bowl, melted the butter and then added the brown sugar.

I mixed them together and got the egg to put in. I thought the egg was being pretty difficult to open when I finally got it to break apart this is what I found.

A hard boiled egg! I was pretty surprised.

There we go, a non hard boiled egg, that works better. I added the vanilla and . . .


I slowly added the dry ingredients and . . .

Mixed. This time I had to grab a spoon.

Now for the good stuff, the chocolate! I wish I would have used the white chocolate I think it would have been better, not that the milk chocolate wasn’t heavenly.

Then I found a 9 inch pan and baked it.

While they were baking it I made the maple butter sauce. I found some maple syrup, the recipe says to use pure maple syrup but I didn’t have that so I used regular and it turned out fine. I also used lite butter which worked well. Next time I would cut a little of the butter out.

Then I tried to patiently wait for the blondies to finish.


I had to drive the 3 hours home after eating these and I couldn’t stop thinking about them. I will have to make these again.

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