Watermelon Jam

Today is national watermelon day. So, in honor of watermelon day I found a blog that had a recipe for watermelon jam. I had no idea that you could even make watermelon jam. I got a great deal on watermelon’s so I bought an extra one thinking I would do something with it. Before I could get to the watermelon I went on vacation, so before I left I cut the watermelon up and froze it.

Here it is frozen.

I took out my food processor and chopped up the watermelon. It looks like a slushy and looked fantastic. I tried some of the frozen watermelon but it wasn’t so great. Although my daughter ate several pieces and wanted more.

I got out my pectin, jars, and lids. It’s been a while since I’ve used it so I had to remember how to use everything again.

I boiled the watermelon for quite a while. Then I blended it in the blender to make sure it was smooth and returned it to the pot to boil again. I added the pectin to the sugar, I used 4 cups of sugar and it tasted sweet enough. I added the lemon juice as well.

Here it is all done. It’s an interesting flavor, different. I’m thinking I’ll use this for a dip but on some toast will be nice too.

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