S’more Tarts

Today is National S’more Day! My husband had a coworker come up to him and ask him where the s’more cupcakes were. I guess he assumed I would send some in. Instead of making s’more cupcakes I stummbled upon s’more tarts when looking at Amy Atlas’ blog. She had so many cute ideas but the one that looked, easy and fast was the s’more tarts. You can get the recipe here. So while I made these I munched on marshmallows and chocolate and enjoyed myself.

The lady who made these threw a pampered chef party and so everything they use in the recipe is from pampered chef. Since I don’t have much from pampered chef I had to use what I had on hand.

These are the pans I used.

Here the graham crackers are with the powder sugar and butter. I thought it was a lot of butter. If I make it again I’d add a few more graham crackers or cut out a little butter.

Here they are all mixed up.

I put them in the pans but I have to say I put too much in. Ended up being too graham crackery.

Here they are all cooked.

I didn’t have the chocolate bars, I don’t buy them for the one reason that they don’t last in my house. I will eat them all. I used chocolate chips instead, I should have thrown a couple more in there.

Here they are with the half marshmallow’s on top.

All done! Happy S’more Day, may it be sticky and sweet!

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