Steak Noodle Salad

This was one of those recipes I came across and I couldn’t get it out of my head, I had to make it. It all started with some left over steak. I needed to do something with it and thought I’d reinvent it into another meal. Well, I came upon this recipe on Pioneer Woman but I didn’t have sesame oil so I decided on steak taco’s. But I had to make this one so I went out and bought some sesame oil.

The finished product and trust me it was so delicious.

Worth the extra money sesame oil cost and trust me it’s not cheap.

Worcestershire sauce and sesame oil mixed together. The Pioneer Woman calls for soy sauce but I never have soy sauce because of the high sodium so I usually substitute Worcestershire sauce. I used 1/3 cup.

The extra virgin olive oil.

The white wine vinegar. I keep some on hand for different recipes.

The brown sugar taking a dip.

The ground ginger joining in. The Pioneer Woman calls for ground ginger which I never have so I substituted ground.

Ok, so after I’m done with this you’re going to wonder how this recipe even resembles The Pioneer Woman’s but I just don’t have fresh garlic. I buy the minced garlic and use that. What are you going to do?

The steak enjoying the marinade. Can you hear it sigh? or was that me?

These whole wheat spaghetti noodles have no idea the greatness they’re in for.

Here they are basking in they’re glory. Bask you beautiful noodles, bask.

I had to stop myself from eating everything.

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