Homemade Mac and Cheese

(Not the most awe shocking picture but kids were screaming for dinner, I took one and dished up)

So my daughter came to me a while back and asked for mac and cheese for dinner. Well, I didn’t want to make the regular store bought kind. I wanted to go all out, impress her so I went to the person who impresses me, The Pioneer Woman. I found a recipe on her blog and decided to follow it, click on her name to find the recipe. I should mention that I halved her recipe, I just didn’t need a pot full of mac and cheese.

I started off using whole wheat noodles instead of regular plane ones. We’re trying to make changes, one ingredient at a time.

Note I said one ingredient at a time.

Bubbly and bright, not like me.

Alright, I skipped a few steps with picture taking here. I added flour and mixed it with the butter and then added milk. I know the Pioneer Woman calls for whole milk but really I only used 1%. This is where the recipe went a little weird for me. I scratched my head and finally said alright you’ve never let me down. Any guesses on what the mystery ingredient is?



Are you scratching your head yet?

Another head scratcher? An egg.

Pour a little of the sauce into the egg, but slowly so you don’t cook the egg. That might be gross, little bites of cooked egg in your mac and cheese. Once it looks like this add it to the rest of the sauce.

The best part, cheese!

And why not, more cheese. I used mozzarella and cheddar. Stir and you’re done and you can feed your screaming children like I did.

On a side note, in the past I have cooked cauliflower, put it in a blender till it wasn’t recognizable and then added it to homemade mac and cheese. Your kids will never know they’re getting vegetables with their cheesy noodles.

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