(It’s a crime to call this) Banana Bread

We should get something straight before you read about this banana bread, I don’t like bananas. I will only eat them if they are green and I’m the person at Dairy Queen asking to see the bananas before I buy a banana split. I only make banana bread because my husband likes it and I try to be a good wife.

I started out with some bananas that were extra ripe that had been frozen. Look unappetizing don’t they?

Two sticks of butter, are you impressed? Plus a lot of sugar.

Cream them together.

Add an egg.

Stir those together.

Mix the bananas in.

Mix all the dry ingredients together.

Pour half of the dry ingredients to the banana mixture.

You must be thinking what is that? Any guesses?


Are you wondering how yogurt looks like that? I froze it a while ago and the recipe called for sour cream, which I didn’t have so I got out the frozen yogurt and defrosted it. This is what happened. Didn’t seem to affect the cake though.

All blended together.

Here it is in the bunt pan. I have to admit, here’s where I started to worry things wouldn’t work out.

But when it came out looking like that, my mind was changed.

I have to admit, I ate several pieces with butter and wanted to eat several more.
Here’s the recipe, The Pioneer Woman

Update (12/12): I have made this recipe over and over again and it never disappoints. I love it. For my Christmas goody plates I used banana bread and instead of doing it in the bunt pan I used the small loaves pans. Turned out great!

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