First Birthday Party

My nephew recently had his first birthday! This is the his birthday cake. I know, the middle is falling out but my sister did this extremely addictive oreo filling that turned out to be soft. The party theme was ice cream buffet. It was really yummy!

Before the party we went to Tia Pan in Salt Lake and found those really cute ceramic waffle cones. It was perfect addition to the party.

We had a lot of different toppings for the ice cream. Maraschino cherries, oreo’s, cool whip, an assortment of candy, hot fudge, and caramel syrup. I love ice cream bars.

Here’s the assortment of candy. The colors for the party were blue and green. Great colors for a little boy and since I don’t have any little boys only little girls who are obsessed with pink. I think the next 18 years will be filled with pink.

The rest of the assortment of candy.

Here was some of the decorations. the dot streamer is reused from the baby blessing. I glued the gray and brown dots to the fishing line but only taped the blue and green ones on. That made for an easy change between the colors.

If you can make your life easier (and cheaper), do it.

It was a BBQ so here were the fixings for the hamburgers and hot dogs. It really was yummy. I realize as I say yummy I sound like a mom.

The ice cream melting is ganache. It’s a fantastic chocolate concoction that is well, fantastic.

Here’s how the dessert table ended up looking. Sorry the picture turned out so dark.

The inside of the cake. I would have taken a better picture but with everyone clamoring for a piece of cake it was hard to get in there for a great picture.

The party turned out to be a lot of fun and the little guy had a great time digging into his cake. He ended up in the bath after the party.

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