Halloween Fun

Halloween ghost pancakes! I saw these and thought how much fun, although they didn’t turn out looking quite as cute as the blog I saw them on. I think my pancake batter was too thick, I should have added a little more milk and I think they would have turned out better. I used my apple pancake recipe (also on the blog). Whole wheat healthy breakfast.

Just pour the batter in fun ghost shapes then add chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth.

These little guys came from my own little head, amazing. I bought some jello and wanted to do something fun and Halloweeny but when I looked online there was nothing for Halloween jello except to buy some molds, which I didn’t have. So, we improvised.

I made orange jello and opened a can of mandarin oranges and put them in the jello. I know hard.

Except the mandarin oranges weren’t really mandarin oranges, they were brains.


My daughter loved that part, brains in her jello.

Then when it was set up I added some cool whip for eyes and some chocolate chips on top. It turned out to be Monster jello, brains and all.

Everything’s cool with a new name.

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