Thanksgiving Turkeys

So it’s obviously been a while. But with National Novel Writing Month in November and a two week trip to the North Pole I didn’t have much time. I know you’re probably thinking the North Pole really? Yes . . .

. . . Here’s the proof.

My husband is from North Pole, Alaska and we actually met up there working at a gold mine.

We took our kids up to visit for Thanksgiving. When I got up there my mother-in-law whom I’ll now refer to as mil, surprised me with a pie baking marathon but I’ll talk about that another time. While looking for a recipe we came across these really cute turkeys. Thinking they would take no time at all mil ran out to the store and bought the stuff we needed. Mil came back with all this stuff.

Unfortunately in North Pole they only have one grocery store and for some reason they had no candy corn. May be seasonal up there who knows. She already had the Oreo’s, they’re in the cookie jar, we used mint and chocolate Oreo’s.

Alright so the recipe we looked at said buy the store bought frosting. Easy, I can do that. Then you put together your turkey, easy, I mean look at it, not hard. We were so wrong. It ended up taking most of the morning. We started off by putting frosting on the Oreo to glue the feathers on. Since we had no candy corn we went for Reese’s Pieces.

No problem, those stuck just fine. Alright now for the hard part.

Here’s where I went wrong. I didn’t put the right Oreo on top. Putting this thing together backward obviously took more brain power than I was able to give it.

Cutting a mini Reese’s peanut butter cup? No problem, I can do that. Eating the extra pieces? Even easier.

Here I go, doing it completely wrong. If you’re still with me, don’t do it upside down.

Once again, wrong. See the head? It should be up by the feathers. Oh Mr. Turkey why are you so messed up?

I fixed it and left it upside down to dry.

Obviously I didn’t leave it upside down long enough. Thankfully we decided more than half way through to scrap the store bought frosting and made some royal frosting which if you don’t know is sort of like cement in frosting form.

Here is our army of headless turkeys made right side up with royal frosting. Much easier.

Here it is all done. For the beak I cut up a Reese’s Pieces into fours. Thankfully with the help of royal frosting they pulled through. The kids ate theirs before Thanksgiving started and they turned out to be a big hit.

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