A Rapunzel Birthday Party

My daughter turned four and all year she’s wanted a Tangled party. She never wavered once even when we offered different choices she hung in there with Rapunzel. I think it was mainly due to her friend having a Tangled party, maybe she thinks everyone has to have one. I had to admire her commitment to the cause though and we reluctantly followed her wishes. That was until I got online and found all the cool stuff there was to go along with the party. Like floating lanterns. These took a while to make. I found some battery operated tea lights at Michael’s (they actually sold them at Sam’s club for cheaper and more) got some velum and then built a base for the candle to sit on out of card stock, taped the velum to the card stock. I taped some fishing line (should have punched a hole in the velum) and then hung them from the ceiling with the fishing line to create the illusion that they were floating away.

We strung lights on the ceiling to imitate twinkling lights and added some leaves to the line on the wall to pretend it was a vine.

These were so fun. It’s just blue jello with orange slices and then I took a tooth pick and some purple construction paper to make a sail. In the movie they sail out onto the water.


In the movie Max loves his apples so we sliced some up and served it in a frying pan. Why a frying pan? Well Rapunzel keeps one around at all times for her protection, interesting though that she doesn’t have it at the end when the bad twins get her. Hmmm…

The duck says, “Are you eating my apples?”

Since the movie goes to a pub we bought some root bear in the classic glass bottles.

This photo, not great. It’s the stairs leading up to the living room with Rapunzel’s hair draped on it. Didn’t turn out as cute as I wanted but the idea was worth mentioning. I also printed wanted signs of Flynn Rider and hung them around the house.

We had a pinata that was made out of a paper bag and filled with candy that had Flynn Riders smoldering face glued on it. We then duck taped it and hung it from a pole. We couldn’t go outside since it was about twenty below, could have been a little warmer, I can’t remember. It was Alaska in December, so cold. Everyone laughed at the pinata and said it wouldn’t last but surprisingly it lasted seven kids three rounds with a thirteen year old hitting it. We ended up denting the frying pan we were using to hit Flynn Rider. Eventually the kids got a tear in the bag and the candy came rushing out, the kids dived in and chaos ensued.

It ended up being a cute theme for a birthday party and my four year old loved it all. She especially loved the cake that my awesome sister in law made.

I was amazed at how awesome she made the cake, the little red headed girl is my daughter.

A close up.

Flynn Rider

Rapunzel hanging out her window.

I made some Princess crowns with a candy mold and some white chocolate. The girls loved them and even though I made plenty they were mysteriously all gone after the party.

Update: I’ve also used that great crown mold for my second daughters third birthday. It was a nice touch to the princess party.

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