Book Shelf Redo.

You know those days when you look around and realize you don’t like your furniture and you want something new? I had one of those days. My husband doesn’t like those days.

I took a look at the bank account and realized new furniture was not something I would be able to purchase anytime soon.

This bookshelf sits next to the computer, I looked over at it and knew it needed something. Here’s where pinterest comes in. While carousing it one day I came across a really cute bookshelf, it resembled my book shelf like a toad resembles prince charming.

The pin said to just add some trim and beadboard and your toad would get that kiss it desperately needed and bam prince charming would be sitting in your living room.

I’m a sucker for prince charming.

First thing I needed to do was collect the needed items for the transformation.

I went months trying to decide on a paint color. I would find a lot of colors I LOVED only to show them to my husband who would say “it’s girly”. So I went back to the drawing board.

One day I had had enough. I went to Home Depot on a mission. I went down the paint isle and picked the color I liked. I did not take my husband. I did take the car. Big mistake. I couldn’t fit the molding into it. So what I hopped would take one trip ended up taking three. (Did my husband like the surprise paint color when he got home? No, not really. But the paint was bought and the bookshelf was painted, little he could do. Thankfully I have a super easy going husband.)

While at Home Depot I came across another woman who had three kids, three boys. I have three girls. Our kids were roughly the same age. She had brown hair in a pony tail and wore jeans and a t-shirt. She looked like me and I thought that she could be me in an alternate reality where I had only boys.

The beadboard ended up being a huge pain and the one thing that held up the whole project. After walking up and down the isles at Home Depot scouring for beadboard I found none. After calling my mom for directions she told me I wanted real wood beadboard and Home Depot doesn’t carry it. I had to go to my local wood distributor for that. I went there and asked for the beadboard. They brought it out loaded it my truck, I went home cut it and started staining it. Only to realize it wasn’t real wood, it was particle board. Annoyed but really nothing I could do I continued to stain. I think it still turned out great although the real wood would have looked better.

I knocked out the back panels before I painted it and stained it. It was really easy to do since the bookcase wasn’t an expensive one. Actually it cost me nothing since my parents gifted it to us years ago. Gifted may be a nice term, they left it with us with no word about it. It was the homeless mutt we took in who now looks like a pure bread. Thankfully my parents live close by and they have all the wood working tools. My Dad helped me cut the beadboard and then nailed it on once it was stained (and dried of course).

Prince Charming. He looks stunning in his new colors and his new molding.

When it was all done and the books were back in (after a week of books all over the floor we would have been happy to have the toad back) my husband actually said it looked nice.

You bet your sweet booty it looks nice.

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