Old Lady Mirror

I went garage saleing (is that a word, saleing) the other day and came back with this little number. My husband, not impressed, said it looked like I pulled it off an old lady’s wall. Perfect! I was going for that look. I wanted funky, I wanted vintage and this mirror says that to me. I knew I liked it when I saw it and knew I wanted it. Sure I didn’t know where to put it and yeah it came with a leach called a shelf with it but for $5 why not. I gave the shelf to my mom. She can do something with it.

After getting it home and looking around my house I didn’t have any place for it in the living room, which was fine since I’m not a fan of mirrors greeting me when I walk through the door. The only place I really had room for it was my girls room which ended up being absolutely perfect.

Then it was a no brainier what to paint it, pink. Any other color would be an insult to my daughters uncontrollable pink obsession.

Here’s what it looks like pink. When I showed my mom she said it looked like a princess mirror. Princess or old lady, I love it!

The details are cool. I did add a light stain to the top just to give the mirror a little more dimension.

You might be wondering if I hung it upside down. Yes, I did. I liked it better that way.

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