Zombie Night!

Tonight we had our first annual zombie night! Our girls like zombies not sure why. (Actually I know why, they’re awesome!) We were at the park this week and my oldest found some other girls to play with. They were running around screaming about zombies chasing them. I had to smile, shake my head and hope the other parent wasn’t mortified her child was running from zombies. When I suggested zombie night my oldest was so excited. She was tickled. I went online, thank heaven for pinterest, and found some great ideas.

Like brain cupcakes!

I apologize for the fuzzy picture. The cake was a spice cake with a cream cheese filling died pink of course, with a cinnamon buttercream frosting. It was a very tasty brain!

For dinner we had zombie ziti. The noodles were the bones, the sausage was the brains, the tomatoes the blood, and the broccoli . . . I wasn’t sure but my daughter said it was teeth. Worked for me. I put a cheese sauce over it and my two year old had three helpings! That’s practically unheard of.

Another dessert we had was zombie snot. Grandma Fish’s caramel corn died green.

For zombie night my husband donned his zombie shirt. Now I need one of my own for next year.

Our entertainment was Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. That was the closest to zombies we could get with little ones. I was a little nervous that it might be too scary for them but they loved it. In fact my oldest said we should watch it again tomorrow.

If you are in the mood for a more adult zombie flick may I suggest a couple of our favorites, Zombieland (I watch this one edited) and The Walking Dead (I usually have to look away when it gets too graphic).

Zombie night was a big hit and I think it’s now become a tradition. I’m hoping to find the brain jello mold for next year too. Our next Halloween theme night is witch night.

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