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I needed headboards for my girls twin beds. I looked all summer at garage sales for something I could buy cheap and redo. Nothing. All right I did find a few twin sized headboards but they were nothing like I wanted. The sizes and shapes were all wrong. I came across one I liked but it didn’t say how to make it. When I came across this molding headboard at Ana White I knew I had to make it.

And when I say I had to make it I mean my Dad.

Ana is great! She has so many plans to build. The best part, she tells you what you need, how much, and how to build the piece of furniture step by step.

The only down side to the headboard I chose was that the plans were made for a queen and I needed a twin. Not really a problem. I just measured my mom’s twin sized headboard and made mine to fit.

I painted it white and then added a light stain over top. I actually stained it with another color at first and hated it so I had to do it twice well three times actually since there was two headboards.

I love the molding on the headboard. It just makes the headboard look a lot fancier.

Instead of using the plywood that Ana calls for I used beadboard. I stained the beadboard a darker color than the rest which makes it stand out a little more. I like the depth and personality it gives to the piece.

I would like to publicly thank my Dad for a fantastic job he did making these! I know the girls and I are going to love them for years to come. It already makes their room look so much better. I would show you a picture of the whole room but then I’d have to clean their room or move the junk to one side of the room while I took a picture. When I finally get their bed skirts sewn I’ll take a picture.

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