Witches Night

Tonight was our second annual witches night. One of my favorite nights. Just a fun time with the kids. This year we all donned costumes for it. I put on my witches costume, my oldest put on hers, my two year old had a witches hat to wear but being a stinker refused to put it on. My husband got in on the fun and wore a black cape, we said he was a wizard since witch didn’t apply to him. Then we made witches brew, homemade root beer.

This was by far the kids favorite part of the night. I called all the ingredients something spooky. Sugar-fairy dust (not so spooky but magical non the less), Water-river water (couldn’t think of anything Halloween-y), root beer flavoring was dragon blood, and the dry ice was fog. (Ok so none of those ingredients were really spooky) Then we stirred and said a few hokey pokey words added the dry ice and magically our brew boiled! They loved the fog from the dry ice!

Here’s how I made my homemade root beer.

3 cups sugar (could have used less)

2 liters water + 2 cups water

2 Tablespoons root beer flavoring

I used 1 pound dry ice but I could have used more. I like when it gets to the slushy form.

This served 2 adults and 2 kids with about a liter left over to give you a reference point.

For dinner we had sand. . .witches!

I drew the legs and feet and then cut them out and taped them onto toothpicks. I went the easy way and bought subway sandwiches. Sometimes fun came be easy.

After dinner we made witches fingers. Circus peanuts with black jelly beans cut and put on top. They turned out so cute and easy. What kid can’t stick a jelly bean on a circus peanut? Cutting them was a little tricky though.

I gave the cutting job to my husband. He did a great job!

Then we made witches hats. Take a waffle cone, buy mini ones if you can find them. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any and had to break them to make them small enough. Dip them in chocolate if you want. Put some frosting on a fudge cookie with the cone on top. Then put some reeses pieces on, or m&m’s. Whatever you prefer or have on hand.

Here’s my husbands witches hat. He obviously had to show me up on how cool he is. Although we only had pink frosting and he was a little miffed by that.

Then we made wands. Pretzels dipped in chocolate with a few sprinkles on top.

After all the sugar, really a sugar overload. We settled down for a movie. We ended up watching Alvin and the Chipmunks meet the Werewolf. We wanted to watch Harry Potter but didn’t have it so we settled.

The night was a lot of fun for the kids and relatively easy. Don’t want to do it all? Just pick one or two things.

I can’t wait for ghost night coming soon.

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