Mummy Dogs

I needed an easy dinner but still wanted to make it a fun Halloween dinner. I decided Mummy Dogs would be just the right fit. Normally these are done with bought dough in the can. But I had none, not something I usually buy. So I decided the next best thing was to make my own bread recipe and make them out of whole wheat bread.

I was nervous they wouldn’t turn out right but I actually thought they tasted great. Once my bread was all mixed together I took chunks off and stretched them into snakes (as my children would call it). then I took the tip of the snake wrapped it around the head and pinched off the end. Then I went around the middle leaving a gap for the face.  Once they were all wrapped up I stuck them into the oven and baked them until the bread was golden brown. About 10-15 minutes.

Then I took a sandwich bag squirted some mustard in it, cut off a corner and piped the face on. I paired it with some cheesy broccoli and we had a great dinner. Halloween fun without much work.

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