Valentines Day

Here’s a few things I’ve whipped up for Valentines Day. My daughters have loved the last few weeks full of hearts. My 4 year old told me she loves hearts. I made Cherry Red Velvet Cupcake Heaven, Kisses, Rice Crispy Hearts, and Heart French Toast.

We’ll start with the rice crispy’s, I used the chocolate rice cereal it’s what I had on hand, if you want to use regular you’re more than welcome too. I made them and then poured them on a wax paper sprayed to make sure it didn’t stick.

I took my heart shaped cookie cutter and stamped it into the rice crispy’s.

After you cut the hearts out and eat the left overs, you might want to share with kids. I tried too.

I melted some white chocolate, you can choose whatever kind you want.

Then I dipped the rice crispy’s into the chocolate and sprinkled it with some red sprinkles for fun.

Unfortunately my girls wanted to eat these for breakfast.

We went through a few tantrums when I said no.

The french toast with raspberry syrup. My husband loved these because french toast is his favorite and I don’t make it very often.

I took my bread and cut hearts into the middle of them and then dipped them into the egg and milk mixture. Then threw them on my griddle and cooked them.

They were really great with the raspberry syrup.

Then I went crazy and made some cherry red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I love cherries. I don’t think I can say more.

I made the cupcakes with a box. I didn’t have the red food coloring to make it from scratch.

Cut the whole out of the middle.

Fill it with cherries from the can.

Cut off the bottom and put the top back on.

Make some cream cheese frosting and you’re good or rather their good, very good. Scrumptious might be a good word.

For my husbands big valentine gift I decided to make kisses for him. I made the same rice crispy’s and then formed them into the chocolate kiss shape.

Took a lot of will power not to eat it. Not only from me but from my daughters too. The four year old asked if she could share it with her dad.

I made two, one for my husband and one for my parents.

I cut some paper and wrote a few thoughts on them before wrapping them into the aluminum foil.

So, here are some of my ideas for valentines. I hope that you have a great day!

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