Birthday Cake Giveaway

So I wanted to tell the story of this little cake. My husband was determined one Sunday night to make a cake. He had been doing really well resisting sugar and his favorite type of cake is white with chocolate frosting. Well, he caved to his craving and had to have it. I really didn’t want more sugar around the house so I told him if he was going to do this divide the cake so I could give some of it away. He made this little one and I decided I needed to practice my cake decorating. We threw on some Hulu and I sat down to decorate it. I took the time to teach myself how to make roses and made six of them. Not really figuring it out until the last two but it still looked ok.

We only have one set of neighbors since we live out in the country. I decided the next day I would go over and invite my neighbor to the cupcake demonstration I was doing that Saturday and give her this cake. I marched the girls over there. Well they really marched me over. They love our neighbors, a retired couple with chickens. The girls love going over and seeing the finches they have in their house and seeing the chickens outside. We went over and gave them the cake. Linda, our neighbor, then tells me that it was her birthday. She asked if I knew it was her birthday and I was honest and said no, I didn’t. She loved her little cake. Then she told me her husband had pneumonia and they had planned on going out to eat for her birthday but since he was so sick they wouldn’t be able to go anywhere. The Lord knew that Linda needed a birthday cake. I was grateful that I could be an instrument in the Lord’s hand to help this wonderful woman have a happier birthday.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Cake Giveaway

  1. Tamarah Smith on

    I love love love this story! You are such an amazing person. Plus the cake is beautiful! 🙂

  2. Lauren Astle on

    I love reading this post! It is things like this that make you know that we are all being watched out for.

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