Petit Fours

I’ve been wanting to make petit fours for a while now just haven’t had the reason or nerve quit frankly. I mean they sound and look so intimidating. When I was asked to make refreshments for my church’s young women’s in excellence program I thought I’d make these. First though I wanted to try them out to see if they would even work. I had a Christmas dinner to go to so I decided to make these for them. I decided to take it in stages so it wouldn’t be too much at one time.

If you don’t know what petit fours are they are bite sized cakes covered in poured fondant.

So first I made a sheet cake and then froze it. Another day I made the frosting, this was chocolate mint, frosted the cake and froze it.

I made two kinds, a mint chocolate kind and a lemon one. After I frosted and froze them I cut them. Then freeze them again. I did a lot of freezing and microwaving with these.

Here’s my poured fondant. I tried one recipe first from Bakerella. I knew when I first looked at it I should just pass that recipe over and try another one but I had to give it a try. I ended up with cement in my food processor that took about six hours of soaking in hot water to get out. It was a mess. I turned to another recipe and it worked just fine.

The poured fondant is a lot of muscle work and a copious amount of powder sugar but it’s easier than I thought it would be.

After you make the poured fondant and it’s good and warm take your cake cube (I made the lemon ones too big) and put them on a wood stick. This one had problems in the frosting area, that’s all right I got to eat him after I put the fondant on.

To put the fondant on I dipped the cake into the fondant using a spoon to get all the sides. Then I took a fork, put it under the cake and lifted it off the wood stick and then put it on the drying rack.

Super messy but if you put a cookie sheet under the drying rack it isn’t quit as messy.

Here are the mint chocolate ones. They were really yummy. But so much work I decided I’d stick to cupcakes for the young women in excellence night. I put them in cupcake liners to serve.

Delicious Things gives a great description if mine wasn’t clear as mud.

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