Behold Him

I made these blocks for my favorite sister’s Christmas present (she’s my only sister). They were on Pinterest, of course, and I fell in love with them. I made one set for her and I’m planning on making another for me. The only problem is I made them so big huge I’m not sure where to put mine. They might have to wait till we buy a house. They’re a great reminder of what the season is about.

My modge podge job left something lacking. I was in a hurry. My parents were going to see my sister, who lives three hours away and I wanted to make sure they took her present with them. That gave me all of 12 hours to cut, paint, cut the letters, tear the paper, and modge podge all while dealing with three little girls.

Here are the measurements for mine. If you’re not familiar with wood, a 2×4 is actually 2×3 1/2″ and a 2×6 is actually 2×5 1/2″ just so if you get the wood home and say what the… you’ll know it’s standard.

Wood blocks:

Him: 17″x 3 1/2″

H: 5 1/2″x 3 1/2″

O: 3 1/2″x3 1/2″

E: 4 1/2″x 3 1/2″

L: 5×3 1/2″

D: 4 3/4″x3 1/2″

B and picture: 7 1/4″x5 1/2″

Letter sizes I used on my cricut. I used learning curve for Behold and opposites attract for Him.

B: 7″

E: 4 1/4″

H: 4 3/4″

O: 3 1/4″

L: 4 3/4″

D: 4 1/2″

Him: 5″

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