St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

So, I had very little St. Patrick’s Day decorations. I decided I needed to change this. My mom gave me some cute glass jars for Christmas and I decided to pimp them out a little bit for the holidays.

On a side note, I got the candy at Christmas or rather after Christmas when it was on sale. I bought the red and green kind and then just separated them, red for Valentines day and green for St. Patty’s day. That made my day.

Here’s how I made them. I used my 2 inch hole punch for the circles and then distressed them with some brown ink. 

For the shamrocks I used my hole punch and then cut the circle into four different sections.

Fold each section in half and then cut a heart out of the section.

 There’s a third of your shamrock, make two more and you have your shamrock.

Now you need the stem. I free handed my own and then just cut it out. I had no idea how else to do it.

So here are my three all together. Each step shown.

 Once you have all three shamrocks done take a, well I’m not sure what their names are, fan?

Put some glue on the middle of the fan. How do you make a fan you ask?
Well cut out a strip of paper, I used a 12×12 and cut a strip 3 1/2 inches. Once I had my strip I folded the fan. I think I do mine wrong right here but I can’t figure out the right way. Once I have my folds I fold the fan in half. Glue the two fold’s together. I really should have taken pictures, much easier just to show you.

 Put on your circle.

Take a hole punch and punch two holes for the ribbon.

Put the ribbon through.

Then glue the ribbon together and there you have it. You’re own cheap, easy St. Patty’s day decoration.

Here’s one more decoration I did. I found a shamrock online printed it out and then traced the shamrock shape onto some green paper, cut that shamrock out and glued it to green paper. Used my brown ink to distress the edges. I have some picture frames that normally holds pictures of my family but they’ve been replaced for the season. They’ll come out I’m thinking sometime this summer.

Hope these help you make add some cheap leprechaun cheer to your holiday’s.

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