St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day was almost as cool as Christmas at our house. My daughter was so excited that the leprechaun came! The night before my husband asked what I was going to do (he said this with a tone in his voice that conveyed he didn’t want to go crazy). The next morning when our daughter woke us up early (on his day to sleep in) and told us all about what the leprechaun did. I looked over at him in bed and saw him smiling. Later that day I asked if all the work was worth it, he had to admit it was.

We started off the day before St. Patrick’s day making tiny doughnuts for the leprechaun. We took cheerios and melted white chocolate then pipped the white chocolate onto the cheerios. My daughters job, the sprinkles. I think she ended up eating more sprinkles than she got onto the cheerios.

We put them in a bowl for the leprechaun.

Before we went to bed we set a trap for the leprechaun. I know our trap is lame but I didn’t know what else to do and my daughter was convinced he would get caught. She told us all the ways he was going to get trapped, it was very cute.

The next morning she woke up to the leprechaun escaping our awesome trap and eating all the doughnuts. But he did leave us gold coins, I say that’s way better than doughnuts.

I cut a sponge into little feet and had the leprechaun pee in the toilet. Later that morning when I went in to go to the bathroom both girls screamed “NO” at me. But I’m 8 months pregnant, when I need to go, I NEED to go. It was a very traumatic bathroom trip.

The leprechaun also left us rainbow pancakes. I made these the night before which made the morning go a little smoother. I wasn’t rushing around mixing all seven colors and trying to cook them with two kids at my feet screaming they were hungry. Instead I made some syrup and we all sat down to a relaxing breakfast with the conversation hovering around how silly the leprechaun is.

The gold coins and pancakes.

The leprechaun also did a lot of crazy things around the house. He tipped over chairs, walked around leaving his little green foot prints everywhere (amazingly my daughter wanted to help clean them up, I’m not one to say no so she scrubbed the toilet seat and mopped the floor, made the day that much better) He also put their toys in all sorts of weird places. They loved the chaos of it!

I hope this gives you some ideas on what to do next year for St. Patrick’s Day.

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