Garden Update

I have continued planting my garden and only have one or two more items to plant. I was lucky to get a warm day to plant and then a few days of cooler weather with some rain. Now the forecast is calling for sunny, warm weather. I’m hoping this helps my garden grow! The tomatoes are in and I’m looking forward to some BLT’s! Last year I ate one almost everyday they were so good with those fresh garden tomatoes. I planted eight rows of corn which will give me enough to eat this Fall and then enough to cut and freeze for the winter. I planted four rows of beans and four rows peas which I can’t wait for. Especially the peas, we go out and eat them straight of the vines. My oldest daughter couldn’t get enough of them last year. Always makes you feel good to help the next generation appreciate planting and growing a garden and fresh vegetables. My youngest daughter, who’s one, loved “helping” me plant. When I did the onions she crawled over, still hasn’t gotten the walking thing down, and decided the onions would be fun to play with. She took up quite of few of them. Finally I had enough and took her in for my husband to give her a bath since the oldest dumped dirt repeatedly on her.
Now the fun begins. I’ll most likely be out in the garden daily trying to keep the weeds down and keeping an eye on the plants.

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