Hello Kitty and Rise of Empire

My latest crotchet project was making my two oldest daughters Hello Kitty hats. My oldest turned five last month and wanted Hello Kitty for her birthday theme. I love Hello Kitty so I thought this was a great idea. Of course when I showed her all the Hello Kitty cakes I found on pinterest she had to pick out the most difficult ones. I simplified it and she ended up loving it. I decided for one of her birthday presents to surprise her with a Hello Kitty hat.

I found the free pattern online and had to make it for her. This was actually my first hat that I’ve ever made!

It was way easy, especially with help from CraftyMinx who teaches you how to crotchet step by step! I learned how to crotchet about ten years ago when I was in college from a roommate. It was never a formal thing and I never really learned correctly how to do everything. Going through CraftyMinx’s tutorials helped me learn more and how to do everything. And the best part whenever I got stuck I could just get on her blog watch the video again and figure it out. If you want to learn how to crochet, I strongly recommend going to her.

By now you’re probably wondering what’s up with the book? I recently stumbled upon this blog that encourages people to crotchet or knit and read. They want everyone to share what they’ve been working on and what they’ve been reading.


Since I had a project that I’ve been wanting to share I thought I’d join them in their crafty/literary adventure. Who knows, maybe I could keep this up.

The book I’m currently reading is Michael J. Sullivan’s Rise of Empire. It’s the second book in a three book series. I have to say that I always feel a little nerdy telling people what I read. I usually don’t proclaim it. I love fantasy. It’s just who I am.

If you have time to read this series, I recommend them. They remind me a little of the Three Musketeers with their sauciness and humor. If you don’t have time to read the books, I highly recommend you read Michael J. Sullivan’s story of how he became a writer. It’s inspiring! Especially for a writer who hasn’t majored in writing in college. His persistence is amazing. What can I say, read his story, if you don’t do anything else.

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